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2015 Ford F150

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Ford F250, F150 Australia & The World 

F250 Sales Ford F series F100 f150 f250 f350  
Welcome to F250 Sales ,This site is here to highlight the vehicle called the Ford F series pickup. Australian engine sizes 7.3, 4.2 diesel and 5.4 petrol. US 6.0 & 6.8

Sell your F series or similar only $15

F series for sale USED/ F Series for sale NEW/ Models/ History 1948-2009/ Gallery/Specifications/Recalls USA/LPG for diesel/Vin Number guide/Alternatives to the F series

    2015 Ford F150


 Dodge Ram RHD in Australia
Dodge Ram a perfect alternative to Ford F250. Ideal for towing, families and work.
RHD models available soon
New Ford F series for Sale See more
Ford  f150 King Ranch, fully loaded many extras. Ready for work or family Check out the features. Available Now Australia wide.

Harley Davidson F 150 New...


2013 Military F250

Fprd F250 Milatary vehicle


You may refer to it as the Ford f truck the f series ,but to most it a vehicle that fills the void between light truck and car, It has a history, it has a culture and its very very good.

Engine sizes and vehicle types offer the purchaser a great variety of applications.
Limited Edition  FX2 Ford F150 Ford F150 60th Anniversary  And the  Ford F450 Harley Davidson USA check it out!

Ideal for the tradesman, the horse owner or the retiree this vehicle offers Light truck applications with the popular Super Duty Ford f250 Power stroke 7.3 & 4.2 diesel versatility and features that fill the need very little in the market can offer.

Our main focus here is ford Australia delivered vehicles . These are right hand drive manufacture and sold new by Ford with a back up of parts and servicing.

We now touch on the imported into Australia Ford F150 truck.

2015 Ford F150
These Ford f series vehicles are not solely Australian but are also well noted in New Zealand, Canada,  Brazil, and South Africa

Recall MY2008 f series tail pipe fire USA Video

Dodge Ram Long Hauler

2015 Ford F150

Above 2015 F150 see more 2015 F150

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Crew cab Raptor F150

Faultless RHD conversion

See More. New F series for sale

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2015 Ford F150


How to take the pain out of buying a Ford F250

Ford F150 Hybrid
US Recalls may effect you!

Financing your F series
How to take the Pain out of selling your F series.
USA ford F250 specifications
Australian F series Specifications
History of the F series 1948-

Importing a Vehicle into Australia

This site is dealing with all models released into the Australia market in the last 13 years,

 Especially the power stroke diesel 7.3 and 4.2 4x4 crew cabs and super cabs,   Plus the latest from pickup news from overseas

Ford F150 Hybrid
Ford f250 and F150 all refers back to the USA Ford F series sales sites.

Check out ! Ford f150 ltd edition foose and  F150 FX2.

Ford F150 SVT Raptor 2010

 Great new site for 4X4 Australia Just 4x4 sales

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Steves F250 dual cab 7.3



Contact: Colin    Australia and the world

Queensland,  N.S.W,  Victoria,  Tasmania,  South Australia, A.C.T,  Western Australia and Northern Territory

Australia like all other countries including south Africa and New Zealand would be delighted to import these usa ford trucks on mass at reasonable prices. Again due to import regulations in Australia the price becomes out of reach of mere mortal 2009 -2010 Ford buyers.

I must mention that now importers are focusing on the US F series F150 and  alternatives to the f series Please check pricing and research parts service etc. All reports that these are a terrific trucks but not backed officially by Ford Australia or other manufacturers. Always outside the US be aware of any possible Ford f250 or F150 manufacturer recalls Recalls Ford f250 F150 USA Latest is on 7.3 diesels 1997-2003
By the way...we have no affiliation or are paid by the Ford motor company and we are not qualified mechanics or engineers , any advice is wholly the opinion of the writer.
We now welcome many US ,Canadian, South African, and over seas visitors to this site
福特F250 交换澳洲 포드F250은 호주를 나른다

フォードF250 はオーストラリアをトラックで運ぶ Ford F250 перевозит Австралию на грузовиках

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