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Ford F550 Earth Roamer Camper


Made popular by Australian icon and adventurer Dick Smith is the much sought after USA mad Earthroamer camper.

These solid 4x4 vehicles are the ultimate in camper and expedition use you will find without losing all your luxuries.

Ford F550 earthroamer press release.

Dick smith back from his F550 adventureSYDNEY—For someone who hates driving, a four-wheel drive truck was a strange mode of transport to choose for a 40,000km trip across 15 countries.

But entrepreneur and adventurer Dick Smith, who had seen the world five times over from the air, wanted to see it a fair bit closer on his latest trip.

Mr Smith and his wife Pip returned home today to a welcoming crowd at the Sydney Opera House after completing the journey in segments over two-and-a-half years.

"We are spending our children's inheritance, with fuel costs as they are now ... there will be nothing left," he joked.

The couple travelled in a distinctive Earthroamer truck complete with a bed, bathroom and cooking facilities.


Well Dick spend the kids inheritance, good on you but maybe, just maybe Dick import these devils or even better bring out the Ford F550 and lets make our own.

Taken from the official website below are some details of the Ford F550 XV-LT 4x4

Small enough to be manoeuvrable
Exterior dimensions: 25-foot 1-inch long Crew Cab (23-foot 11-inches long Super Cab), 8-foot wide, 10-foot 8-inches high.

Interior of F550 Earthroamer
Four  seats offer plenty of room and comfort distance travel
6' 5" stand-up height in camper
California King-size over-cab bunk

Powerful enough  and engineered well
Built on Ford Super Duty F-550 truck chassis
Estimated 2,500 pound payload and up to 10,000 pound towing capacity
6.4-liter Power Stroke twin-turbo diesel engine with 350 horsepower and 650 foot-pounds of torque
5-speed Torque shift automatic transmission with expanded gear ratios provides good
off-the-line acceleration and pulling power, along with outstanding highway overtaking performance
Innovative TriMount™ triangular mounting system prevents torsional loads from being transferred to the camper

A secure, comfortable and weatherproof shelter
Lightweight, strong, composite laminate camper body construction with
excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties
Totally self-contained
All systems powered either by batteries or diesel fuel
Batteries are charged by roof mounted solar panels and dual engine alternators whilst engine running
Camper heat, hot water, and stove all powered by safe and efficient diesel fuel

High-efficiency DC compressor refrigeration


This is a truly special vehicle, made to order according to Dick Smith on a recent radio (4BC 25/8/08 Brisbane) interview a possible 12 month wait for availability. Method of payment by way of instalments $50,000 dep on contract, 100,000 on camper and 58000 on completion Total 2008 price 208,000 USD base.

This company also offers a terrific range of extras to add to the standard extras a reasonable prices.

By the way Dick bought a used camper for this trip.

I must add that I am no way affiliated  with the earth roamer company and all comments made are that of the writer unless otherwise stated

Colin Jones


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