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F250 and liquid propane

2010 alternative fuel vehicles could be liquid propane if the Roush company chooses.

On the back of the 2007 conversion of a f150 , Roush have developed the technology to

convert the F250 commercial to liquid propane as a alternative fuel source.

More can be found at f250 blog



LPG (Over Air) Induction for Diesel Engines – ‘Add-Gas’ 

The results:

Improved Fuel Economy

bulletExtended Engine Life
bulletImproved Torque and Drivability
bulletReduced Emissions
bulletReduced Service Costs
bulletReduced Exhaust Temperatures


TBG with Add-Gas has systems for all Diesel engines, from small commercials trucks and vans, 4X4s, rigid trucks, prime movers, coaches, stationary engines including lighting and pumping plants, mining equipment, fishing and local charter vessels, and other diesel powered equipment. Add-Gas has many inherent safety systems, has data logging capability, and is remotely accessible by the GSM mobile network.  

The TBG Add-Gas System Features

bulletComprehensive Engine Warranty
bulletSophisticated Duel Phase LPG/air to Diesel Induction
bulletDeveloped for all sizes Diesel Engines
bulletCompletely Non-Invasive Installation
bulletNo Engine Parameters Altered
bulletSeamless Return to Diesel Only
bulletSystem can be Remotely Monitored
bulletFull Data Logging Capability
bulletCan Reduce or Eliminate Diesel Knock


There are many features and benefits associated with the TBG Add-Gas System ……. here are a few

The system can be retro or factory fitted to any size, or age, Diesel engine

bulletInstallation process is completely ‘non invasive’
bulletOur TBG Add-Gas DPI control module, manages the gas flow while monitoring load, manifold pressure, water temperature, accelerator and service brake position
bulletSeamless return to ‘Diesel only’ usage in the event of gas running out
bulletSmall LPG tank required as only limited quantity of LPG gas is consumed
bulletIncreases fuel efficiency by completing the combustion cycle of available diesel injected with up to 95% complete burn
bulletSubstitution rates of around 12% to 20% of LPG, continuously controlled by the DPI module
bulletExtended service intervals / oil changes due to reduced  of engine ‘sludging’ and carbon deposits
bulletDecreases in emissions. (Trueblue GREEN in conjunction with CSMU Pty Ltd, is conducting country specific emission testing under local conditions given the differing Diesel and gas compositions and qualities)
bulletReductions in exhaust temperatures of around 20%
bulletIncreased thermal and volumetric efficiency.  Combustion rate up from 70% to 95%
bulletSystem can be remotely contacted  via a GSM, radio or GPRS network to allow for software tuning (on the road) and version upgrades
bulletFull engine data logging capability
bulletSensors, located throughout the engine system, monitor the engine’s operating parameters, ensuring they remain within manufacturer’s specifications




What does Duel Phase Induction mean?

Duel Phase Induction is the simultaneous combustion of two fuels, namely Diesel and Gas, whether Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Will my engine have to be modified to operate in a Duel Phase Induction environment?

No.  The TBG Add-Gas system has been designed to allow for TrueblueGREEN Australia Pty Ltd, from our main facility on the Gold Coast or one of our authorized installers throughout Australia, to retrofit an Add-Gas system. Or one can be factory fit if required.  As the system is fitted externally, the installation is ‘non invasive’ with no modifications required for the engine.  In addition, there is no alteration of any critical engine parameters and as such will not breach engine warranties..

What research and development has been done to date?  Have any converted vehicles traveled many kilometers since installation incident free?

The research and development programme is based around ensuring a working solution on all leading manufacturers of drive trains including Cummins, Perkins Caterpillar and Volvo.  Accordingly, the system has been operational on the following test vehicles: 

bulletMack (American) engine, travelling approximately 15,000 kilometers per month
bulletFreight-liner with Detroit Series 60 for 6 months, travelling 30,000 kilometers per month
bulletKenworth with Caterpillar engine, travelling 40,000 kilometers per month
bulletScania 420, travelling, on average, 8000 miles per month
bulletNissan Navara 2.7 litre Diesel for 6 months.  This vehicle has not travelled excessive kilometres as its primary use is as an emission test vehicle

In addition the Add-Gas System has now been installed on a variety of Prime Movers, rigid trucks and smaller 4WD vehicles.  All are operating within normal parameters, incident free and reporting significant fuel and emission savings.

What effect will the TBG Add-Gas system have on the durability of my engine?

Results to date have shown that service intervals have doubled with no reduction in oil viscosity.  The engine burns cleaner and subsequently, there is less ‘sludging’ allowing operators to review engine maintenance intervals.

What are the expected economic benefits apart from the environment aspects?

Fuel efficiency – The system reduces the amount of Diesel by approximately 10% - 20% while simultaneously using about 12% (of the original Diesel volume) as a gas replacement. 

What changes can be expected in exhaust emissions?

Particulate emissions, the ‘black plume’, virtually disappears, and there are often reductions in Greenhouse Gases.

What does the gas (lpg) do to the torque of the engine?

The torque curve reaches its peak earlier resulting in fewer gear changes. A safety by-product of this earlier torque curve is reduced driver fatigue and clutch and brake wear. At all times, this increase in torque is maintained within OEM specifications by the DPI Controller

Does the system increase the engine’s horsepower beyond

manufacturer’s specifications?

No.  The TBG Add-Gas system de-rates engines to ensure they only operate within manufacturer’s specifications.  The TBG Add-Gas System has specific alarm features incorporated into the design that enables the System to log any instances where an engine operates outside the manufacturer’s specifications.

What safety factors are associated with LPG and CNG use?

The installation process is ‘non-invasive’ and does not alter the integrity of the original Diesel engine.  All tanks, valves and fittings comply with EU and ASNZ Standards and the inherent, multiple safety ‘cut-offs’, both of a mechanical and electronic nature, prevent any chance of LPG or CNG leakage under normal conditions. .

In addition, TBG installs sensors throughout the engine that monitor the operating environment.  Should any sensor detect abnormal operating conditions, the gas is shut off and an alarm is recorded in the log for later diagnosis.

What noise levels are expected?

Often the ‘diesel knock’ is reduced significantly, offering quieter engine performance.

As the engine operates as a ‘dual fuel’, what happens if the gas runs out?

bulletThe engine reverts back to Diesel only mode and therefore all performance characteristics revert to normal.



Try It – We Guarantee You’ll Save Money

* Savings may vary according to engine capacity, make and age, individual usage and environment 


There are two main safety points: Installation Procedures and Operating Parameters. 


bulletTBG prides itself on the quality of its System and the correct installation by licensed installers, enables its successful operation.
bulletTBG is constantly developing franchises as local service centres located throughout Australia and New Zealand.
bulletInstallation procedures adhere to local regulations.
bulletAll tanks and fittings comply with ASNZ or EU standards.
bulletAn Installation Procedures Manual acts as the primary reference material for all engine installations.
bulletSecond level technical support is on hand remotely to give advice and guidance to the operator
bulletTBG technical personnel visit the service centres during installations to ensure quality assurance levels are met and update our franchises on improvements and new equipment.


The Add-Gas DPI control module incorporates a sophisticated, electronic control system, which monitors the gas flow during operation. In addition, the Add-Gas DPI module can monitor critical data channels that include. 

bulletAmbient air temperature – regulates flow of gas to gas to motor
bulletExhaust temperature – engine protection
bulletThrottle Positioning Sensor – ensure engine operates within manufacturer’s specifications
bulletGas supply pressure – ensure positive supply of gas
bulletWater temperature – engine safety
bulletOil pressure – engine safety
bulletOxygen sensor – control flow of gas to motor
bulletService brake – gas control
bulletCompression/exhaust  brake – gas control
bulletCruise control ( set and resume) – gas control
bulletThe controller logs ‘alarms’ when the engine works outside defined parameters, and can be reprogrammed or tuned remotely.



Innovative Design

Flexibility in the Add-Gas Dual Phase Induction (DPI) control module design simultaneously delivers: 

bulletReduced emissions.
bulletImproved fuel efficiency.
bulletSystem adaptability.
bulletImproved drivability.

Reduced Emissions

The Add-Gas DPI works just as well on new (computerized) and older (mechanical) engines whether they be turbo charged, or naturally aspirated. The Add-Gas DPI control module is highly effective in Diesel Vehicles that travel in both city and long haul environments. Stationery diesel generators, water pumping plants and mining equipment also enjoy large reductions in emission. Generally, ‘particulates’ all but disappear, and other Greenhouse Gasses are often substantially reduced. 

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Transport operators gain improved fuel efficiency through the Add-Gas DPI module managing the flow of either LPG, or CNG into the intake air stream. This results in improved combustion that requires less Diesel to produce the specified horsepower / torque. You can expect savings of between 10/20%. 

System Adaptability

The TBG DPI control module has the flexibility to be adapted to Diesel engines of all sizes and applications. Future product development may introduce Methane and Bio-Diesel, therefore negating the need for any fossil fuels. 

Improved Drivability

Vehicle drivability is increased and more importantly driver fatigue is decreased. This is because the driver is faced with fewer gear changes, due to the better engine torque. The “brains” behind the system is the Add-Gas DPI control module that constantly monitors the flow of gas. It has the ability to be remotely monitored by a GSM modem and, also, has a full data logging capability.

This is not a paid advertisement. Always check to make sure this will be suitable to you, your vehicle and any warranties on your vehicle or engine.             back to Home